Create a barcode


Scan to Spreadsheet

Create spreadsheets and collect barcodes scans. Useful for inventory or attendance.

Scan to Web

Scan to Web

Mobile web browser for scanning barcodes into web sites. Use with Google Forms or your own web site.

Scan to Note

Scan to Note - FREE!

Free app to collect barcode scans and email to anyone. Use to test barcodes before purchase of our other apps.

Private Label & Custom development

We can build and distribute our apps with your requirements. Contact us and we will help you.

Contact Us

Coming soon!

Right now we are hard at work on improvements to our existing apps as well as new app designs.

Shorten the time to insight.

Berry Wing LLC is an app development and software company based in Saint Paul MN. We are intrigued by the capibilities of mobile technology. From early days of Windows CE to current IOT and Wearables, such as Google Glass and Vuzix devices. We have worked with it all in the goal to meet our mission.
 Shorten the time to insight.

Which means, help people to complete tasks and learn how to do them more quickly and efficently with mobile technology.